Pope Francis convinced me that atheism is true.

I was going to title this post, "An Invitation to Apostasy".

I am a former traditional Catholic, now an atheist (technically, an “agnostic atheist”). Pope Francis led me into atheism, and, in fact, I think that Francis is one of the greatest living witnesses in favor of atheism. Let’s face it, the arguments offered by individuals such as Dr. William Lane Craig are a wash; for every argument that Craig gives, atheistic naturalism provides a firm rebuttal. (For instance, Craig will appeal to the Kalam Cosmological Argument, but yet, within the scientific literature, there are beginning-less, eternal models of the Universe.)

For me, the Papacy was a living witness to the presence of God (the Triune God) in our World, that is, one could look to the Office of the Pope as being the source of the One True Faith. One criticism of religion that atheistic naturalism puts forward is that all religions are man-made, because not only do they contradict each other, they also contradict themselves. With Francis, his teachings are now prima facie evidence that Catholicism is man-made and not divine. If God truly exists, then He must be a perfect Being, and therefore, without contradiction, which means that the Holy Spirit cannot possibly be “guiding” the Catholic Church. With the embracing of societal customs that the Catholic Church used to infallibly teach were mortal sins is proof positive that Catholicism is not divine, but man-made. No justifiable reason can be maintained for continuing to belief in it, much less profess it; as such, I have made the only logical transition possible.

When James Joyce left the Catholic Church, he was, ostensibly, asked if he would now embrace some sort of Protestantism. His reply was, “I have lost my faith and not my mind.” I share his sentiments.

Join me!  Stop wasting your time and hard-earned money on this monstrosity called "Catholicism".  It is a false, man-made religion, which means that it was never true to begin with.  If individuals want to waste their time and money on their Saturday afternoons and/or Sunday mornings, then let them; it's just bread, folks, and nothing more!