The existence of objective moral values.

Note:  The following essay should be considered deprecated.  This fact troubled Darwin, but if God does not exist, then there are no objective moral values.  The only moral values are those which society determines for itself, with the associated consequences for those members who disobey and/or disregard those values.  The Catholic Church has abrogated its claim to be the fundamental arbiter of that which is intrinsically "right" or "wrong", which means that the Church was never right to begin with.

The deistic and/or pantheist views of God are manifestly false.  We know from the ontological proof that God is perfect, therefore, it is absurd to say, as do deists and/or pantheists, that we as human beings possess attributes that God does not posses, namely, our conscious free wills.  Any goodness that can be found in us (such as our free will, which we can use for good or for evil, the latter being something that is not perfect) can also be found in God, but with Him, unlike us, such an attribute is absolutely perfect.  Since, therefore, God must also be a person (albeit, a perfect one), the values which He has are also absolutely perfect, and being perfect, such values must also be absolutely immutable. Therefore, objective moral values exist.

Now, those acts of men which are intrinsically good or intrinsically evil will always be intrinsically evil or intrinsically good, since God, being a Perfect Being, is absolutely immutable.  Hence, what He considers to be an ultimate good or abomination will always be ultimately good or bad, not only for our generation, but for past and future generations as well.  Human acts such as abortion, artificial contraception, homosexual relations, fornication, adultery, blasphemy, heresy, schism, thievery, envy, etc. will always be intrinsically evil actions while giving, self-sacrifice, marital fidelity, honesty, reverence, charity to the poor and less fortunate, justice, orthodoxy, lawful obedience, kindness, forgiveness, love, etc. will always be intrinsically good.

Since traditional Catholics ought to derive their morals from divine and natural law, Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and orthodox theologians, it is necessary to consider a somewhat "divisive" issue that has slipped (almost) "through the cracks" -- the wearing of men's clothing by women.