Yes, it's nonsense.

Vatican II, Popes Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI all wrote with grey pens, embracing the Leftist agenda while keeping the Ball "on the court," so to speak.  But, with Francis, now there are "certain cases" (read:  everyone, eventually), who can receive the so-called Holy Eucharist, and then later that day (or, especially, the night before), go home and have sex with someone, whom they and everyone else agrees, is NOT their sacramental spouse.  The one and only conclusion is that the so-called Holy Eucharist is, in fact, just plain old bread and nothing more.  It's always been that way and always will.

The most recent 2015 Synod has been a 3-week argument over nothing.  God does not speak to humanity simply because God does not exist, nor has he existed, ever.  Jesus of Nazareth was executed by the Romans 2,000 years ago and his body likely was tossed into a pit and consumed by dogs; he is never coming back because he is dead.

If the so-called Eucharist was truly the Soul, Body, Spirit, etc., of Jesus Christ, and if he was truly God, then we should have expected, with the monstrosity of the divorced and civilly remarried (i.e., public adulterers) receiving the so-called Body of Jesus Christ, some response from Heaven.  But, "heaven" remains silent, as it always has and always will.  Angles, the so-called Messengers of God, do not exist.  I, for one, have never heard from mine.  The so-called Eucharist is just bread, nothing more; it appears to be that, because that is exactly what it is.

Take these essays for what they were, one man who got duped, and who tried to make sense of a World religion who, with yet one more contradiction, has had enough.  Sorry, but I have much better things to do with my remaining time and life.  Life is precious, because, it is finite, and because it must someday end.  Lately, I have derived much joy from the study of mathematics, especially, in the area of cosmology, scientific truth, which, unlike the so-called religious "truths", will never change.

Folks, seriously, give it up!  And, especially, stop giving your hard-earned money to it!!  Stop "feeding" this ridiculous absurdity, the Catholic Church, and it will die, eventually.  Simply go on with your lives, and when death does come along, just accept it, for what it is, even if it turns out to be nothingness, which is what most scientists claim it to be, an endless, dreamless sleep.  Catholicism is not true, and no religion likely is; they are all man-made, which is why they contradict themselves and each other.

As for Catholicism, it claims nothing; there is no "dogma" that cannot, at some future time, be reinterpreted, and after that, (re)reinterpreted by some "Pope".  It's all politics, positioning and maneuvering, which is why this Synod and its previous one took so long.  As one person wrote to me, "Today's dissent is tomorrow's dogma."  For what the present Church hierarchy has done with public adulterers, it (not she) can do with anything!  Just give it time; eventually, Catholicism will be devoid of claiming any existential truths whatsoever.  Folks, you might as well become "agnostic atheists," which is what I am going to call myself from now on.  Most scientists are that already:

Eventually, most churchmen will be firmly in that camp, also!  If you're a Catholic who embraces atheism, consider yourself to be "ahead of the curve"!  For, that's the direction that the Catholic Church is headed, one of pure naturalism.  All that modern churchmen want is money and power, and for some, a nearly endless supply of little boys.

Some no doubt will say that I have been a nutcase, and perhaps, that it is true.  But, finally, I have come to my senses.  As for me, I am going to watch all the episodes of South Park that have ever been made (some 262 episodes at the time of this post); at least I will be entertained in the real world and not in the world of make-believe and fantasy!  So, with this, that's a wrap!

"If death smiles at you, simply smile back!!"

Amoris Laetitia

The "other shoe" dropped; did anyone honestly think that it would not?  After all, the Vatican spent millions of bucks ("your money") ferrying fakes in red all over the globe to produce thousands of pages of nonsensical crap, to only have Francis the Fake write a few hundred pages of fluff to sneak in that one paragraph admitting public adulterers to "Holy Communion".  Fortunately, it's just bread, and not the body of some now-dead, epileptic radical who had delusions of grandeur; just wait, some future "pope" will be sneaking that teaching in here very soon!

The Catholic religion is a joke!  It is man-made, no different than the now-dead religions of the Aztecs and Incas.  See, it didn't take me 200 pages to say something simple and direct!