Note:  The following essay should be considered deprecated.  When you read them (if you do), note how much of a crackpot I was.  Professor Daniel Dennett was right; religious belief is a meme, which, for some, such as me, can take over their brains, and hence, their lives.

To the right are 40 (or so) essays that I have written on the Roman Catholic Faith, which are the product of thousands of posts on various message boards over the past ten years.  When you read my various essays, please keep an open mind and judge my arguments on their own merits.  Comments are not allowed but you are welcome to send me email.  Please note that I will update my essays from time to time. Everything was composed using the PC & Wii Opera browser.

Please note that I am not a priest, theologian, etc. and do not speak for the Holy Roman Catholic & Apostolic Church; I am a professing, baptized, and confirmed Roman Catholic layperson.  I pray with Saint Jehanne la Pucelle that, "If I am not (in God's grace), may it please God to put me in it; if I am, may it please God to keep me there."

The Catechism of the Catholic Church can be found here:


(The current universal Catechism, which I have read in its entirety, is full of modernistic sophistry.  If you doubt this, just compare the section on the Lord's Prayer with the Roman Catechism, linked to below.)

The Roman Catechism can be found here:


The 1983 Code of Canon Law can be found here:


Note Canon 827:
Can. 827 §1. To be published, catechisms and other writings pertaining to catechetical instruction or their translations require the approval of the local ordinary, without prejudice to the prescript of can. 775, §2.
 §2. Books which regard questions pertaining to sacred scripture, theology, canon law, ecclesiastical history, and religious or moral disciplines cannot be used as texts on which instruction is based in elementary, middle, or higher schools unless they have been published with the approval of competent ecclesiastical authority or have been approved by it subsequently.
 §3. It is recommended that books dealing with the matters mentioned in §2, although not used as texts in instruction, as well as writings which especially concern religion or good morals are submitted to the judgment of the local ordinary.
 §4. Books or other writings dealing with questions of religion or morals cannot be exhibited, sold, or distributed in churches or oratories unless they have been published with the permission of competent ecclesiastical authority or approved by it subsequently.
Don't use any of my essays for "catechetical instruction."  (Not that I have reason to believe that anyone was going to do this!)

(I no longer see the 1983 Code of Canon Law as having any moral or binding obligation upon my conscience, and therefore, adhere only to the 1917 Code of Canon Law.)

Saint Thomas' Summa can be downloaded from here:


Some "conservative" essays for your consideration:


(Note, I no longer recommend the above site.  Father Brian Harrison and his colleagues did a wonderful job being Vatican II "spin masters," but unfortunately, the impostors who claim to have occupied the Chair of Peter have, instead, embraced an heretical reading of the Second Vatican Council, which means that the council is not a true Catholic Council, but a false and apostate one.  In any case, judge for yourself.)

If you are a Catholic seminarian who feels that your seminary's administration is illegally spying on your Internet activity, in an attempt to "weed you out" as some "orthodox oddball," please visit the following subpage on this site:


The true Gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to live on, if only in cyberspace, at least until Christ comes again.